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Those illegally dumping hazardous waste could face prison

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File photo : Debris of a building of t the Win Progress Co, Ltd chemical waste facility in Rayong province,

The House Committee on Industry plans to file a petition for an amendment to the law to include jail terms for operators of factories that illegally dump industrial or chemical waste.

Akaradej Wongpitakroj, a committee member, says that they are only fined currently, if they do not adhere to regulations when handling waste.

“Therefore, they do not care enough to follow the rules, as they simply pay the fines and get away with it. As a result, the House Committee has resolved to petition for an amendment to the law to include imprisonment,” he said, after attending a meeting of the committee at parliament.

Those at the meeting also expressed concern about the fire at the Win Progress company’s chemical waste facility in Rayong province, which started late last month.

The blaze polluted the surrounding area and approximately 600 people have reported respiratory problems, he said.

It is reported that the fire is now under control, but there is still smoke in some parts of the building.

“The current priority is to care for the affected people and the environment,” said Akaradej, an MP from the United Thai Nation Party.

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