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Thai Muslims urged to pray for rain on May 4

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The Sheikhul Islam Office, the office of the Muslim spiritual leader of Thailand, has urged the faithful in Thailand to pray for rain on May 4th.

In a letter addressed to all provincial Muslim leaders, the Chularatchamontri, Arun Boonchom, has urged all Muslims in Thailand to pray for rain, claiming that the entire country is facing drought and water sources are drying up, due to the hot weather and prolonged lack of rain, causing widespread hardship to the people.

Such a dire situation is a test imposed by the Allah on human beings to make them realise their mistakes or their violations of restrictions, according to the letter.

In Bangkok, a prayer session will take place at 8am of May 4th, at the National Administration Centre of Islamic Affairs Chalerm Phrakiat in Nong Chok district.

In Islam, the special prayer for rain, known as “ṣalāt al-istisqa”, is offered in addition to the five daily prayers. Recited in a congregation and led by the imam of a mosque, it takes place in the same open space outside the mosque where the two Eid prayer sessions are also held annually.

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