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Reservoirs in Korat drying up in the hot weather

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Water levels in 27 reservoirs in the north-eastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima have dropped to about 40.61% of their full capacities, or only a combined 494.16 million cubic metres, due to the continuing hot weather.

The usable water is estimated at 431.69 million cubic metres, or 37.40% of the combined capacities of all 27 reservoirs.

At the Lam Takhong reservoir in Si Khieu district, which is the largest in the province and the main source of water for five districts, only 110.54 million cubic metres remain, but only 87.82 million cubic metres are usable, which is just30.10% of the capacity of the reservoir.

The water situation in three other main reservoirs is also critical. The Lam Phra Phloeng reservoir in Pak Thong Chai district now contains 82.17 million cubic metres of usable water (53.26%).

To ensure sufficient supply for households, businesses and industry in the province for the remainder of the dry season, the irrigation office is exercising great caution in the management of water, with household use of water being given priority.

In Soeng Sang district, several durian orchard owners have complained that their fruits have fallen from the trees, due to the hot weather and water shortage.

Chalerm Pakaya, who grows 150 durian trees on 0.8 hectares,admits that the weather this year is so hot and dry that young durian fruits are falling from the trees, despite deploying a pump to water his small plantation.

An official from the Department of Agriculture predicts that durian production in Soeng Sang district this year may drop by as much as 60% due to the dry weather and shortage of water.


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