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Thais received the most scam calls in Asia last year

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People in Thailand received more telephone scam calls than anywhere else in Asia last year, followed by the Philippines and Hong Kong, according to the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth).

Last year’s data show that scammers sent messages or called Thais 79 million times, marking an increase of about 18% from 2022.

ThaiHealth based its information on the 2023 annual report of the Whoscall application, which is designed to identify callers and filter out unwanted calls, such as those from telemarketers, robocalls and scammers.

ThaiHealth revealed the data at a seminar on “International Fact-Checking Day 2024,” which falls on April 2 every year. The seminar was co-hosted by Collaborative Fact-Checking (COFACT) and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt stated that his office places great importance on preventing all kinds of online threats and supports efforts to protect the public from fake news and scammers.

Meanwhile, a COFACT representative said the organisation is preparing to integrate its work with the government and private sectors with training aimed at enhancing skills in fact-checking for people throughout the country.

It is expected to introduce seven fact-checking centres around the country and hopes to encourage the public to become fact-checkers.


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