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Daughter sentenced to 12 years for stealing money from her mother

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File photo : Huay Srivirat

The Supreme Court today upheld the ruling of the lower courts, confirming the sentencing of a 57-year-old woman to 12 years in prison after she was found guilty of stealing Bt24 million from her ailing mother.

Huay Srivirat, 86, told the court that her daughter, Mawadee, withdrew money from her bank accounts numerous times without her consent and while she was in a hospital for coronary artery disease in 2017.

The amount withdrawn from Huay’s accounts totalled Bt24 million.

In Thailand, it is a criminal offense for a person to unlawfully take or misappropriate the property of their ascendants.

In January last year, a Civil Court ruled for Mawadee and ordered a Thai bank to pay compensation of Bt207 million with interest to the mother. The Court stated that the bank, whose name is withheld, allowed its employees to change the authorised signatures on Huay’s bank account.

The court was informed that, while the mother was in hospital, Mawadee and two bank employees forged Huay’s signature to authorise Mawadee to withdraw money from the accounts.


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