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Move Forward party urges public to watch censure debate this week

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The opposition Move Forward party has launched a publicity campaign, urging members of the public to monitor the general debate against the government this Wednesday and Thursday.

On its website today, the party posted a teaser for the censure debate, questioning the performance of Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin over the past seven months.

The Move Forward Party posted a photo on the party’s Facebook page with the title, ‘This government for whom?’ and invited the public to listen to the censure debate on April 3-4. The post carries a graphic photo of Move Forward leader Chaitawat Tulathon who is the Opposition leader.

The party claims that the government has not met the expectations that the Pheu Thai party, with its track record, would be able to solve the economic problems of the past ten years and move the country forward.

In reality, the party claims, the much-hyped “digital wallet” scheme is yet to materialise, minimum wages are only being increased selectively and electricity prices continue to rise, mandatory conscription is still enforceable and some political prisoners are still incarcerated, said the party.

“The questions today are for whom is the Pheu Thai government working, the people as a whole or the individuals who brokered the formation of the coalition government and will the government, which was established against the wishes of the people, serve the people or those who ushered the party into power?”


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