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Move Forward, don’t forget the police

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File photo : Move Forward leader Chaitawat Tulathon

April 1, 2024: In a Facebook post listing topics that the Srettha government must be grilled for, the biggest political party did not mention arguably the biggest problem of the hour _ the police crisis.

The Move Forward Party asks the Thai public to monitor this week the apparent government failures it plans to criticise in detail during a parliamentary debate. According to the post, they include uncertainties and so-far no-show of the digital wallet programme, the “sporadic” increases of labour pay, the continuous rise of electricity fees, the continued military conscription of your children and grandchildren, and the continued imprisonment of “some” political prisoners.

Certainly, Move Forward plans to discuss the police but somehow the issue accidentally went missing from the Facebook post. What else could be bigger than a police officer gunned down at a dinner party at a well-known residence right before a big group of senior colleagues, an infamy followed by those at the very top of the police pyramid accusing each other of bribe taking, a tumult exceeded in incredulity only by the prime minister’s admission that he didn’t know what to do?

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