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EC’s anti-fake news center reopens for Senate selection

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The Election Commission (EC) reopened its anti-fake news center today in preparation for the selection of the Senate, which will commence as soon as the current batch’s term expires in May.

EC member Thitichet Nuchanart stated that the center was first introduced during the general election in 2019, where it successfully identified approximately 100 fake news.

Following the election, this number decreased to about ten stories per day.

Due to its success in combating fake news during the 2019 general election, Thitichet mentioned that the occurrence of such news during the 2023 general election was reduced.

However, with the country approaching the selection process for the 200 members of the Senate, it is anticipated that there will be ill-intentioned groups spreading fake news.

Therefore, the EC has reopened phase II of the fake news center, which will utilize special computer software to identify fake news from various sources, including those spread by avatars.

The term of the current batch of senators appointed by the military government will expire on May 11, and the Cabinet will issue a decree and laws to initiate the selection process.

By laws, the entire process is expected to conclude within 64 days at most, with an application fee of Bt2,000 for each candidate.


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