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In Uniform and Out: Sereechai Sukmak

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Photo by FB พี่ดาบนิกกี้ พี่ดาบท่องเที่ยว

Sereechai Sukmak is a senior sergeant major in the tourist police force in Nakhon Ratchasima province. For Thai TikTokers, however, he is ‘Phi Serg Nicky’, who has 132,400 followers.

What makes him stand out from his colleagues is that he is openly gay, dresses as a female and attends parties as a drag queen when not on duty. His bosses have no problem with how he lives his life. Many times, Sereechai has represented his office in beauty contests or on sports days, as a cheerleader.

He says that his family supports him in every way and has no problem with him being a member of the LGBT+ community. “I became a police officer because my father wanted me to join either the army or the police. My mother is happy when I become a lady,” says Sereechai, adding that his sister is also gay, so he told his father that he would become a daughter for him, making him smile.

What is important for him is that his father recognises his abilities and as a person. “He said his only wish is that I do good,” Sereechai said.

He is happy that Thai society is accepting of the gay community, unlike about 20 years ago. “When I was a new police officer, some of my colleagues did not accept my being homosexual. They said police had to look strong. They told me that they felt ashamed going out with me,” he said.

Now, however, his life choices are accepted more widely, partly because he honours the uniform by acting appropriately when wearing it.

Proudly, he said that, in February, he joined a Chinese New Year festival in Nakhon Sawan province as a cheerleader, carrying a ‘wan’ before a parade, adding “I volunteered to join the parade after learning that the organisers could not find any volunteer beauty queens and that hiring one would cost a lot.”

“Many people asked to take photos with me, saying I was beautiful,” he said, adding that they were surprised to learn that I am a man.

“My TikTok account receives some negative comments, but I ignore them because I am a positive-thinking person. Many times, my followers defend me,” he said.

Talking about his TikTok account, the sergeant said that he posts video clips and photos of his work as a police officer and his off duty time as a woman.

“Seeing my video clips and photos, I hope that the viewers will love the police and gay people more,” he said.

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