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Move Forward MP asks whether government lied about Thaksin’s health

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Move Forward MP Rangsiman Rome questioned today whether the government has lied to the public about the health of convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, citing his busy schedule during his three-day visit to his hometown of Chiang Mai today.

He said that the government has maintained that Thaksin is seriously ill and had to be placed under doctor’s care, but he was suddenly discharged from the Police General Hospital on parole to his Ban Chan Song La mansion on February 18th and is now visiting Chiang Mai.

He admits, however, that Thaksin is an influential figure in Thai politics, citing the fierce reaction by Pheu Thai MPs when the opposition wanted to debate the government’s allegedly privileged treatment of Thaksin, compared to their muted reaction toward debating Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, to the extent that some are wondering who the real prime minister of Thailand actually is.

Rangsiman said he is not sure whether Thaksin’s visit to Chiang Mai has political agenda, as the elections for mayors of several Provincial Administrative Organisations are due soon.

He said that he would like the people to focus on the government’s sincerity and honesty pertaining to the Thaksin issue, adding that he accepts that the former prime minister had been unfairly treated in the past.

“But the government must not lie to the people,” said the opposition MP, adding that the issue should be settled through the legal framework.

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