“Paris is always a good idea”: Antoni Porowski on his dream foodie destination, incredible London hotels, and his in-flight snacks of choice

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Have there been any books or podcasts that have helped you?

Search Engine, which is my good friend PJ Vogt’s podcast, where he tackles super interesting questions from the internet or his friends. He’s super intelligent, funny and original in his topics.

How do you carve out time for yourself when you’re busy and travelling?

It’s all about the landing at the end of the day, when it’s time to dim the lights, light a candle or two, and take an evening shower where I tap different parts of my body 30 times. My good friend Jocelyne Miranda, who’s a sports medicine specialist and healer, taught me this as it’s a method she learned from Indigenous tribes around the world. She also taught me to brush off any negative thoughts off my skin in the shower, and I feel lighter every time.

Where was the last place you travelled to?

Austin, Texas. I was visiting my chosen family there and had the best time.

Where’s next?

Paris with a small group of friends.

Where’s your happy place/favourite place you’ve been?

Montreal. It’s home, nostalgic, and the perfect balance of a place that has changed so much since I left but has remained exactly the same.

Aerial view of Mexico City

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Where’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, and why?

Spain for its food, Mexico City for its food and architecture, and Romania because a friend told me they have the most incredible tomatoes in the summertime.

What place has inspired you the most when it comes to your cooking?

Italy and Japan.

What’s been your most memorable hotel stay, and why?

Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, Maine. You feel like you’re at this adult summer camp – you can go running, rent a bike, or even get a s’mores kit to use over one of their many firepits. And even though it feels like you’re in the middle of the woods, once you leave the property, you realise you’re in a beach town, so you get the best of both worlds.

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