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Victims of monkey attacks can now claim compensation

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People who are attacked by wild monkeys can now claim compensation from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, following an attack on a woman in Lop Buri on Wednesday.

The department’s director-general, Atthaphon Charoenchansa, said today that Natural Resources and Environment minister Patcharawat Wongsuwan has instructed him to help the victim, Arikanta Kanjanasinmetha, by including people attacked by monkeys in eligibility for compensation, similar to those attacked by wild elephants or guars.

Under the regulation governing compensation payments, if a victim dies or is disabled by the attack, their immediate family will be able to claim Bt100,000 in compensation.

If injured, the compensation will be equivalent to the medical bills actually paid, but not exceeding Bt30,000, plus a per diem of Bt300  if the victim has to take leave for medical treatment as recommended by their doctor.

In an attempt to prevent further attacks by monkeys in Lop Buri, Atthaphon said that more lighting will be installed in places where the monkeys take shelter, so people can see them. More warning signs will also be installed.

It is reported that the macaque monkey which attacked the woman is thought to be among a splinter group, which separated from the main group due to a food shortage.

Atthaphon said that he will also consult with the Lop Buri provincial administration about how better to control the hundreds of monkeys and prevent them from harassing or attacking people in the neighbourhood.

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