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PM Srettha may meet with parolee Thaksin in Chiang Mai

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Thai PM Srettha Thavisin is visiting Paris.//Photo : Srettha’s Facebook.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin disclosed today during his visit to Paris that he may arrange a meeting with former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in the northern province of Chiang Mai, if their schedules align.

Srettha said he is scheduled to visit Chiang Mai from March 15 to 17, to follow up on the forest fire situation, which is causing air pollution, as well as royal projects and illegal drug problems.

“I do not know for sure when Khun Thaksin will actually be there but, if opportunity and time allow, we will meet. If so, it would be our second meeting. It is normal for those who know each other to meet. I have not yet made an appointment with him,” said Srettha.

Thaksin, who has been granted parole, due to his age and deteriorating health, from a one-year jail term on a corruption conviction, is due to visit Chiang Mai from March 14 to 16. His itinerary includes paying respects and making merit at a temple where his ancestors’ relics are enshrined.

Chiang Mai is Thaksin’s hometown and had been a stronghold of the Pheu Thai party, which is currently led by Thaksin’s youngest daughter Paetongtarn.

The party suffered significant losses in the general election last year, losing seven out of ten parliamentary seats to the Move Forward party. Thaksin’s return to Chiang Mai is, therefore, being perceived as carrying a political message and is seen as an attempt to rekindle support in the province.

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