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Labour groups make demands of government on International Women’s Day

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Thai women’s labour groups marched through the streets of Bangkok to Government House today, to submit their 11 demands to the government on International Women’s Day.

Under the slogan “Resistance against Women’s Labour Oppression Capitalism” [SIC], the groups, led by the Thai Labour Solidarity Committee (TLSC), repeated their previous demand for Thailand to recognise several International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions, such as Convention 183 covering maternal rights, Convention 190 about the eradication of violence and harassment in workplaces and Conventions 87 and 98 regarding freedom of association, protection of the right to gather and the right to gather for negotiations.

The groups also issued new demands, which include recognition of the people’s version of the draft Clean Air bill, recognition of ILO Convention 155 on health and safety in the workplace, the ability for migrant workers to apply for work permits and protections for political refugees.

Labour unions from Rangsit and nearby areas also marched to Government House, to present their six demands, including 180-days paid maternal leave, at least 30-days paid leave for spouses to help raise their new-born babies, revocation of laws and practices which are discriminatory to female labour and members of the LGBTQ community, such as the anti-prostitution act, and the passing of the marriage equality bill.

Additionally, they demand that the government and employers allow female workers to take at least two days off work when they are menstruating and multiple days of leave for birth control services and pregnancy tests.

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