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Thai PM has praised Singapore’s Taylor Swift concert deal

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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin does not criticise or envy Singapore for its success in convincing Taylor Swift to perform six concerts exclusively in Singapore this month, Government Spokesman Chai Wacharonke said today.

Instead, he said the prime minister praised Singapore for its bold decision and business acumen for doing something unexpected and urged other people who promote tourism in their countries to study Singapore’s strategy.

Singapore is believed to have paid Swift’s team US$2-3 million per show, in exchange for not performing in other Southeast Asian cities.

Chai also said that Srettha views Singapore’s deal with the popular singer as normal business practice, so there is no reason for Singapore to feel guilty.

On Tuesday, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that a closed-door deal for Taylor Swift to perform in Singapore ensured that she would not perform in other Southeast Asian countries during her “Eras” tour.

He was quoted to have said that “(Our) agencies negotiated an arrangement with her to come to Singapore and perform and to make Singapore her only stop in Southeast Asia.”

Lee also said that he didn’t see the deal as being unfriendly.

It has, however, has sparked a debate on whether this is smart deal-making or just greed.


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