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Two Filipino trans charged with assault

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Two Filipino transgender individuals were indicted on assault charges in Pathumwan district this afternoon, for alleged involvement, with others, in the attack on six Thai transgender people at a Sukhumvit food stop on March 4, said Pol Maj-Gen Witthawat Chinkham, commander of the 5th division of Metropolitan Police Bureau.

He said that police are looking for a third Filipino, who is also wanted on an assault charge and is believed to still be in the country.

Most Filipino transgender people who were allegedly involved are reported to have left for the Philippines.

In a separate case, Witthawat said that one Filipino was allegedly assaulted by a Thai national, identified as “Champ”, who has been released on bail, adding that the Filipino victim did not want to pursue the case in court, but would prefer to settle the case directly with the alleged assailant.

Witthawat also said that the victim has not yet stated the amount compensation he wants from his alleged assailant, adding that the police will try to contact six Thai transgender people who were allegedly attacked by their Filipino counterparts on March 4th, to ask whether they would like to settle their cases out of court as well.

Regarding the Filipinos who have already left Thailand, Pol Maj-Gen Witthawat admitted that he does not know whether any or all of them were involved in the assault.

Regarding a complaint filed with Lumpini police yesterday, claiming that some of the Filipinos had stolen a handbag and a gold necklace, Witthawat said that it is still unclear whether the valuables were stolen or were just lost during the scuffle.

Regarding the March 4 incident, the police commander said that the case had been settled among those involved, but the issue intensified because one of the Thais posted on social media urging members of the LGBTQ+ community to rally at a Sukhumvit hotel, reportedly to “protect the dignity” of Thai LGBTQ+ people.

He said he would invite the social media poster for a discussion and to inform them that the incident was not a conflict between Thai and Filipino nationals, but between private individuals, adding that he has already explained this to the Philippine ambassador to Thailand.

Witthawat said any allegation that some Filipino transgender people are involved in the sex trade in Bangkok is groundless. He also refuted the allegation that some Thai brokers had arranged for tourist visas for the Filipinos to come to Thailand for 20-30 days at a time to work, maintaining that there is no need for visas for ASEAN nationals to visit Thailand.

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