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Police claim fire at Ayutthaya chemical storage facility was arson

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Scientific Crime Detection Division (SCDD) police have found several pieces of evidence which suggest that the fire at a chemical storage facility, in the Phachi district of Ayutthaya province four days ago, was an act of arson.

After the fire at the warehouse, which stores seized chemicals, police uncovered a number of one gallon containers and some bottles containing liquid chemicals at warehouses 1 and 2.

They returned to the site to search warehouse 3 and found several more items suspected to have been used in the arson attack, such as cherry bombs, petrol containers, degraded electrical wires and a large bag containing sawdust.

The officers did not search the two remaining warehouses because of the presence of chemical waste and the strong chemical odour there. They did, however, find a plastic box behind warehouse 5 containing some items suspected to have been used in the arson.

During the search yesterday, sparks were detected by a huge container, forcing the officers to fill the container with sand for safety.

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