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Move Forward treads uncharted Thaksin waters

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March 1, 2024: By implying that Thaksin Shinawatra has received “elitist treatment”, Thailand’s biggest party, which has been presenting itself as a movement opposed to political persecution and victimisation, is courting controversy.

Move Forward leader Chaithawat Tulathon was apparently right in saying today that the country’s justice system is weak, but his statement about how the Thaksin affair has been handled smacks of an elitist approach in effecting justice raised questions about claims that the latter had been politically persecuted.

What sounds like Chaithawat’s ideological ambivalence was uttered as he defended Move Forward’shesitancy over whether a censure motion should be submitted against the Pheu Thai-led Srettha government. Chaithawat said that although a final decision is yet to be made on how early the no-confidence debate should be, his party viewed the Thaksin issue as an example of wrong justice.

“This is not about discrediting any group or anyone,” he said when asked about Thaksin. “This is about our very duty to make sure the government follows its policy of solidifying state law and order. We don’t want to see elitist law and order.”

Some questions here for Chaithawat: Is Thaksin a political victim who deserves to be freed? If yes, is it wrong to allow him to return home? Should everyone respect law and order? Was Thaksin involved in corruption, hence the crackdown on him was fair and allowing him to stay at the Police Hospital was nasty? What is your definition of “elites”?

Thailand’s political divide has been revolving around these questions and more, which could be asked in Parliament if Chaithawat and Co decide to talk about elitist law and order at a censure debate.



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