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Two scouts killed and 13 others injured in a road accident in Sadao district

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A boy and a girl scout were killed and 13 others and their teacher were injured when a pickup truck rammed into the roadside pavilion in which they were resting in Sadao district of Songkhla province this morning.

The driver, identified as Wisanu Thongsai, fled from the scene of the accident, but later turned himself in to Sadao district police. He was tested for alcohol and substance abuse before being questioned.

The accident occurred in Ban Phru Tiew, Samnak Kham sub-district. The scouts had left their school for a long-distance walk, in the company of their teacher Patcharee.

After having covered a substantial distance, they took a rest at a roadside pavilion. A pickup truck, travelling at speed, then struck the pavilion, crushing and scattering those inside, before it came to stop against a mango tree.

Emergency services soon arrived at the scene and had all the students and their teacher taken to Sadao and Padang Besar hospitals.

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