Best yoga retreats in the world

Best yoga retreats in the world
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Traditional yoga practices lie at the heart of one of India’s most loved yoga destinations, situated in 25 acres of lush gardens, one hour north-west of Bangalore. Ashram discipline and traditional yoga underpin the schedule at Shreyas, and the day begins with asana classes at dawn (gentle hatha and more rigorous ashtanga), meditation and cleansing yogic kriyas. For those seeking a more intimate exploration daily pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, healing meditation and trataka (candle meditation) is available, tailored to guest’s personal journey.

Kind and experienced ayurvedic doctors prescribe bespoke mind-and-body treatments to heal and recalibrate weary souls, while medicinal, muscle-melting scrubs and massages using hand-picked fresh herbs delve deep to release chronic tension.

Scattered among the lush greenery of palms and aromatic fig trees are smart poolside lodges and tented cottages with private terraces. Mealtimes offer the chance to mingle with global high-flyers who come to find refuge and space, and comprise traditional vegetarian feasts availing of the abundance of local fruits and vegetables (think curry, Bengal gram lentils and barley roti) alongside light, nutritious European dishes. The atmosphere is decidedly laid-back here, with the ultimate goal being rejuvenation and relaxation, whether working through a full daily schedule, or just being in the land of the gods and absorbing the vibration of the daily Sanskrit chants.

Price: 7-night Yoga retreat £2,870 single occupancy

SOMA Byron

Although just a 10-minute drive from Australia’s coolest enclave of Byron Bay, there is nothing hippy-dippy about Soma, especially if you are serious about meditation and spirituality. Vedic meditation expert Gary Garrow’s reputation as “the teacher of teachers” has long been whispered about in wellness circles – his teachings are as relevant for the most driven seekers as they are to those new to spirituality. Since opening in 2019, this striking timber and steel building with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that frame the surrounding 22 acres of rainforest has earned its place on the global wellbeing stage. Its magic comes from the blend of relaxed luxury, deep teachings and the stunning geodesic meditation and yoga dome, which is where the transformation happens.

There is a real feeling of home here with comfortable guest rooms and a 20-foot wood dining table where guests gather for fresh seasonal Ayurvedic-inspired meals. Massages are available on request; these take place in a timber-clad cabin in the forest. “When we connect with our dharma or deeper purpose, life is more frictionless and beautiful,” Garrow says. And forging this connection lies very much at the heart of Soma.

Price: Retreat for 2 nights from £985 – £1,400 per person

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