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Narathiwat suffering worst flooding for several decades

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Narathiwat province has been hit by the heaviest downpours in several decades, with rainfall measured at 631mm in Ra-ngae district, 495mm in Yi Ngor district and 447mm in Rue So district in a single day on Monday.

According to the Hydro Informatics Institute, 400-600mm of rain fell on Narathiwat yesterday, with Rue Sor district being the hardest hit with 651mml.

All 13 districts in the province are now flooded and the waters are still rising steadily. Many people are stranded on roofs or on the second floors of their houses waiting to be evacuated, because they are unable to leave due to the strong currents.

Evacuation efforts have been hampered by a shortage of motor boats, which are necessary to battle those strong currents, although officials have been trying their best to help flood victims. Para-military rangers in motorised dinghies have been deployed to evacuate flood victims and their domestic animals in Ra-ngae and Cho-airong districts.

All 14 trains bound for Su-ngai Kolok district of Narathiwat are stopping in Yala province, as several sections of track in the area are submerged, making them impassable.

Four people are reported on social media to have gone missing in Riang sub-district of Rue Sor district. Authorities are investigating.

Charoon Chanthra, a villager in Ra-ngae district, said that his house has been under about two metres of water since Monday, after 48 hours of heavy downpours, adding that this is the worst flooding in five decades and most people have been caught unprepared.

Owner of the Nang Ware grocery shop also complained that he had not been given any warning of potential flooding, adding that all the goods and refrigerators in his store are now inundated.

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