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Pink Line service partially halted after power rail collapse

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The Pink Line monorail train service, from the Nonthaburi Civic Centre station to the Pak Kret bypass station, has been suspended since 5am this morning after a 5-km long aluminium rail, used for electricity transmission to the trains, collapsed onto the Tiwanon Road in Nonthaburi province.

No one was killed or injured, but three cars parked under the elevated track were damaged. Tiwanon Road has been temporarily closed to traffic, to allow workers to repair the rail, which became detached from its concrete support beam.

The Pink Line, with 30 stations and a length of 34.5km, was opened for a free trial run between November 21st andDecember 17th. Fares have been collected since December 18th.

Northern Bangkok Monorail, the concessionaire of Pink Line train, issued a statement saying that the rail carrying the trains did not collapse, only the aluminium power rail. The power rail is about 4m wide and 5cm thick.

The company also said that the train service through seven stations, from the Nonthaburi Civic Centre to the Pak Kret bypass station, had to be suspended for repairs to be carried out and that they will complete the work quickly as possible.

Service from Chaeng Wattana station to Min Buri station has not been affected. Passengers who want to travel between the Chaeng Wattana and Min Buri stations are advised to board the train at the National Telecom station.

As for the three damaged cars, the company said that an insurance company is taking care of the matter.

Meanwhile, Pak Kret police said that they expect the Tiwanon Road, from the Royal Irrigation Department to Sammakkhee junction, to be fully reopened before noon today.

The Pink Line train route has become very popular among commuters, whose daily numbers peaked at 107,203 during the month-long trial one. The route passes through the Nonthaburi Civic Centre, Thai Com and a number ofshopping malls.

It also connects with the Purple Line at the Nonthaburi Civic Centre, the Red Line at Lak Si station, the Green Line at Phra Sri Mahathat station and the Orange Line at Min Buri station. Two extensions to Muang Thong Thani are under construction and are expected to be completed in the next two years.

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