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Temperatures across the country to drop further on Saturday

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Cold weather prevails all across Thailand today, due to the strong cold front from China. The mercury is predicted to fall further by 2-4oC in the northern region and 1-3oC in the rest of the country on Saturday, according to the Meteorological Department.

Minimum temperatures in northern provinces tomorrow are forecast to be between 11oC and 15oC, but may be as low as 3-11oC in mountainous areas.

The north-east is windy and cool, with minimum temperatures predicted to drop to 10-14oC tomorrow and to 7-12oC s in the high lands.

Minimum temperatures in the central region are forecast to fall by 1-3oC, to 15-18oC. In and around Bangkok, the mercury is predicted to fall by another 2-3oC to 20-22oC tomorrow.

The east is also windy and temperatures are predicted to fall by 1-3oC to 17-22oC.

The south-eastern coast will be windy and cold, with temperatures falling by 2-3oC, to a minimum of 17-23oC, while storms cover 40% of the extreme south.

The western coast is warmer, with a minimum temperature forecast at 25oC. Storms are still prevalent in Phang-nga, Phuket and Krabi provinces.

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