Where was Ferrari filmed? Uncovering the real Enzo Ferrari in Italy

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There’s a scene where Maserati and Ferrari have a fierce battle on a twisting mountain pass. Where can Italian road-trippers go to find it and others in the movie?

“There’s a lot of stunning scenery between Modena and Marinello, and also Reggio Emilia, which has many of the country roads we filmed on. It’s really beautiful. We used a lot of roads along the coast and lake at Ravenna, and of course in the Campo Imperatore mountain range – you could spend days there. Many of the roads we filmed on you can also drive on, for example, the scene with the road cut out of the white stone is filmed on Strada Statale (SS17bis) near the ruin of Chiesa di Sant’Egidio. In fact, if you take the turning up to the ruin and carry on past lake Laghetto Pietranzoni, you’ll reach the scene where the cars ride in convoy through the open, grassy plain among the mountain range. The battle between Ferrari and Maserati takes place on the serpentine zig-zags back on the Strada Statale, just before the turning to Tempietto di Sant’Eusanio.”

The sound – sorry, ‘music’ – must have been something else…

“It was immense. As I had mentioned earlier, the locals actually consider the sound of the cars to be music. They call it ‘music’. I remember, I was scouting a restaurant near the Ferrari factory in Maranello and it was obviously near the test track, and you can hear the noise. I said that I didn’t think we could film here because of the noise. And I was told: “No, no, it’s music, it’s music.” I was put in my place immediately – how dare I call this noise?”

It feels as though you were creating a real community atmosphere with the locations in the movie – does Ferrari still feel a part of Modena?

“It felt immense. He’s [Enzo] a father to everyone, he really is. Every time I would knock on a door and try to find an apartment (because we couldn’t use Enzo’s apartment in Modena), everyone would invite me in, to sit down for a chat. And then they would ask to show you something, and just unlock this garage containing unbelievable car collections. Ferraris, Maseratis – and it was just locked with one lock, like putting a little lock on a filing cabinet. Enzo is an icon, a father and really protected. I can imagine if there was even one bad comment about Enzo, they would all rally up to protect him. He’s revered. He still talked about and people are very proud; they would show me photos of their father or their grandfather with Enzo. There wasn’t one person that didn’t want to be a part of this project. Everyone has a connection to Ferrari, everyone.”


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