The best hotels in Croatia 2024

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Once the summer retreat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s aristocrats, Croatia has now become the go-to spot for millennial ravers, anchored super-yachts, and families on the lookout for something a little more adventurous than Costa Del Sol. The last decade has seen record numbers of tourists flocking to the country’s cosmopolitan cities and a daisy chain of pristine islands. Against the odds, Croatia has managed to maintain its natural beauty whilst still moving with the times. Top-quality contemporary stays slot seamlessly against ancient ruins, rugged horizons, and breathtaking beaches. It offers the best of both worlds and has a rightful place at the top of all our bucket lists. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of top hotels fit for any getaway – from family-friendly to boutique romance, rustic tradition to chic luxury.

How we choose the best hotels in Croatia

Every hotel on this list has been selected independently by our editors and written by a Condé Nast Traveller journalist who knows the destination and has stayed at that property. When choosing hotels, our editors consider both luxury properties and boutique and lesser-known boltholes that offer an authentic and insider experience of a destination. We’re always looking for beautiful design, a great location and warm service – as well as serious sustainability credentials. We update this list regularly as new hotels open and existing ones evolve.

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