The best mince pies in London, ranked

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3. Miel, Bloomsbury

Overall score: 4.2/5

Patry: 4.5/5 Filling: 3.8/5 Overall flavour: 4.3/5

“They look like little pork pies,” a colleague said as I unboxed goodies from this Bloomsbury bakery one crisp morning. “And I fear that even if it’s good, I will be disappointed that it’s not a pork pie.” There should be no such reservations. Yes, these plump, glossy pies could be mistaken for a savoury treat at first glance. But the thick pastry encases a hefty amount of filling, which gives a welcome citrusy kick. This is a classic mince pie done very well.

Team verdict: “I think this is a very traditional take, which I loved. I whacked some brandy butter on there which made it even more delectable. Classic, but my favourite of the bunch.” Amber

Address: 60-61 Warren Street, London W1T 5NU



2. Fortitude Bakehouse, Bloomsbury

Overall score: 4.25/5

Patry: 4.5/5 Filling: 4/5 Overall flavour: 4.3/5

The pies from this much-loved bakery in Bloomsbury (you might have seen the team’s epic cream-filled beignets all over your social media feeds) are tall and hefty. Despite being on the heavier side, the pastry manages to avoid becoming dry, and the mincemeat filling is sweet and moist enough to balance the whole thing perfectly.

Team verdict: “Another great all-rounder. This pie was surprisingly tall (you’d expect it to almost be savoury) so I was concerned about dryness but they managed to pull off a moist, flaky pastry.” Lucy

Address: 35 Colonnade, London WC1N 1JD

TOAD Bakery

TOAD Bakery

1. Toad Bakery, Peckham

Overall score: 4.3/5

Patry: 4.5/5 Filling: 4.25/5 Overall flavour: 4.25/5

This year’s winner hails from south of the river – Peckham, to be precise. Toad is a favourite among Peckhamites and bakery nerds alike, and the team spotlights low-mileage ingredients that can bring fun recipes to life. The mince pie comes in a festive star shape, with soft pastry that holds up even a couple of days after purchase and a cheeky cherry popped into the base. A worthy winner of this year’s mince pie crown.

Team verdict: “I really liked this one – in fact, it could be a favourite. It was a relatively traditional take, but done really well: flaky and buttery pastry, packed with flavourful mincemeat. These would be a Christmas Day treat!” Abbi

Address: Toad, 44 Peckham Road, London SE5 8PX

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