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Coalition leaders’ get-together nothing to do with premiership – Paetongtarn

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The dinner at a Bangkok restaurant for leaders of the governing coalition parties on Wednesday evening had no special political significance, nor was it related to any premiership quest by Paetongtarn Shinawatra, according to Paetongtarn herself, who was speaking on Friday in an attempt to dispel media speculation about her political ambitions.

While accepting that she is the leader of the ruling Pheu Thai party, the youngest daughter of convicted former prime minister Thaksin said that she does not work in parliament and the get-together was just an opportunity for her to learn from the experiences and listen to the divergent views of veteran politicians.

She insisted that it also offered an opportunity for the party leaders to get to know one another in a more relaxed atmosphere than that in their work places.

Commenting on the government’s performance since it came to power, Paetongtarn said that it had made achievements in several areas, such as in reducing the expenses of consumers, and is implementing several other projects, which will take some time to produce results.

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In her capacity as deputy chairperson of the “National Soft Power Strategy Committee”, she said that a budget for the promotion of soft power has not yet been allocated, pending the promulgation of related legislation and regulations.

Fashion, food, books, drama series and films, design, festivals, tourism, gaming, art and sports have been designated as potential sources of soft power for state promotion.

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