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Expelled former Mover Forward MPs still looking for new homes

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Bangkok MP (L) and ChaiyamphawanPrachin Buri MP Wuttiphong Thonglour

The political futures of the two MPs recently expelled from the opposition Move Forward party, remains uncertain after two government coalition parties publicly said they are not welcome.

Prachin Buri MP Wuttiphong Thonglour and Bangkok MP Chaiyamparwaan Manpianjit have 30 days from their expulsion to find a new party, otherwise their memberships of Parliament will expire.

Bhumjaithai party leader Anutin Charnvirakul says that his party will not accept Wuttiphong “because the Bhumjaithai party has no problems in any way, moreover we have to think about appropriation too. My party has already 70 parliamentary votes, which are enough,” he insisted.

Moreover, Wuttiphong ran against Chayuth Pummakanchana, a former Bhumjaithai MP and long-time party member, in this year’s general election.

“To accept Wuttiphong into the party will certainly impact Chayuth,” Anutin said.

Meanwhile, Prachachat party secretary general Sugarno Matha said his party will certainly not invite them to join their party.

“The Prachachat party now has nine MPs, which is enough,” Sugarno said. He declined to comment, however, on whether the refusal to invite them to join the party was because they were found to have been involved in sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile former Thai Civilized Party leader, Mongkolkit Suksintharanon, said in an online interview that his party would accept both of them, to save taxpayers’ money.

“If no party is willing to recruit them, Thai Civilised party is willing to take them. This is because, if they cannot find a new party, their memberships of parliament will end and the Election Commission will have to spend about Bt10 million on each constituency’s by-election,” he said.

They must, however, accept their wrongdoings and apologise to the public.

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