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Sacked Move Forward MP claims he is a victim of internal party politics

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Move Forward MP for Prachin Buri, Wuttiphong Thonglour, claimed today that he was a victim of internal politics, after he had tried to expose alleged corruption by an assistant to an executive committee member.

Speaking to the media, in his second press conference since being expelled from the party after he was found to have committed an act of sexual harassment by the Move Forward party’s disciplinary committee, the embattled Prachin Buri MP tried to defend himself, claiming he was framed to distract attention from his attempt to expose corruption in a landfill project in Prachin Buri.

He claimed that he had lodged a complaint with the party,calling for a probe into the conduct of an unnamed executive committee member, about four months ago, but his complaint has been ignored.

Meanwhile, an MP for Bangkok’s Chom Thong district, Chaiyamparwaan Manpianjit, was also found to have committed an act of sexual harassment, but the executive committee and MPs agreed by a majority to keep him in the party, providing that he offers an apology to the public and to his victims and compensates the victims appropriately.

The party’s executive committee is expected to meet this week to consider his expulsion, on the grounds that his apology was insincere and, instead, he blamed his victims for the charges against him.

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