These are the best cocktails to drink on a plane, from a Moscow Mule to a Wasabi Martini

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Gin and Tonic

Gin and TonicGetty Images

These are the best drinks to order on a plane

Bloody Mary

Ingredients: tomato juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, vodka

A Bloody Mary has long been known as the best cocktail to order on a plane. It’s punchy, packed with flavour and can have a spicy hit to tickle your taste buds. “Tomato-based drinks such as a Bloody Mary or Virgin Mary with a big dash of Worcestershire Sauce will provide a great umami kick,” says Joy.

Gin and Tonic

Ingredients: gin, tonic water, lemon slice

“Air pressure affects the sensitivity of taste buds, often diminishing the perception of certain flavours, especially those that are bitter or salty. This effect is connected to the kidney meridian, responsible for regulating the body’s waterways,” Marie explains. “Considering this, drinking a gin and tonic, known for its bitterness, could potentially be one of the preferred choices during a flight. Its bitter taste may be less pronounced in the altered air pressure, effectively overcoming a dulled taste sensation.”

Moscow Mule

Ingredients: ginger beer, vodka

“A ginger beer-based Moscow Mule may provide a bit of a kick,” says Joy. This fizziness of the ginger beer mixed with the spicy aftertaste of the ginger could help you taste this drink more so than other more meek options.


Ingredients: Champagne or prosecco, orange juice

This is an easy one to make for yourself and adds to the celebratory mood of travelling. Order a glass of something sparkling (the bubbles should help stimulate your taste buds) and top it up with some zesty orange juice – the acidity of the juice will help with the flavour.

Jalapeño Margarita

Ingredients: tequila, lime, jalapeños, sugar syrup

This cocktail involves slightly more prep, but it’s worth it. “Make it as spicy as you dare,” says Joy. The kick from the jalapeños should help your taste buds wake up with a hot kick. Obviously, for this one you’ll need to bring some jalapeños with you on the flight (take some out of a jar at home so there’s no liquid for security check) and on the flight, make a quick sugar syrup – ask the cabin crew for some sugar and mix with equal part water until dissolved. Pair it with umami-rich food, too. “Spices and bold flavours, such as curries or salty snacks, can provide a more satisfying eating experience whilst flying,” Joy explains.

Wasabi Martini

Ingredients: vodka, lemon juice, sugar syrup, wasabi paste

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