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Watching “Friends” will never be the same again

Watching “Friends” will never be the same again
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November 1, 2023: And we thought nothing beats the last scene of “Friends” _ the empty apartment room _ when it comes to being profoundly sad.

The passing away on Saturday of the man who played the Chandler Bing character, Matthew Perry, has helped put things into perspective. The empty room now will carry much more significance because one of its wittiest, funniest and most cutely-romantic occupants has gone for real. We thought the room in that scene couldn’t look emptier, but it does, now.

He was part of an epically-simple comedy series watched and re-watched and watched some more the world over. Plots were so down-to-earth yet most heart-warming. “I’ll be there for you” are not just lyrics put there to make a good introductory song; they are the series’ most important theme that recurs throughout the years-long show.

People in different cultures may frown upon certain sub-plots, but the biggest value emphasised in “Friends” is universal. Like the five other main characters, Perry helped drive it, and made everyone laugh while doing so. “Hi, I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable” was considered one of his best lines.

Watching him crack jokes in “Friends” will never be the same again. If one can bring himself or herself to watching it, that is.

Rest in peace.



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