12 best restaurants in Venice according to our expert

12 best restaurants in Venice according to our expert
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Venice is not short of amazing food and places to eat it. Since time, the vast saltwater lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic beyond have provided fresh supplies for the city’s homes and restaurants. A visit to the Grand-Canal-side fish market, under its splendid neo-Gothic arches, provides a slippery, writhing introduction to moeche (soft-shelled crabs), schie (tiny grey shrimps), capelunghe (razor clams) and other wondrous marine creatures.

Seafood is the foundation of the city’s cuisine, but it’s not the whole story. There’s a healthy heritage of meat dishes from the Venetian hinterland, and vegetables from the lagoon islands are a fixture (the exquisite castraure artichoke hearts from Sant’Eramo being the most famous). In recent years, a consortium of Venetian restaurants has taken this to the next level.

Where to find these local delights? Of course, in such a heavily touristed city, plenty of venues serve sub-standard fare to transient hordes. But real dedication to excellent cuisine, with a respect for tradition and an eye for the new, is rife among Venetians. If you know where to go, you’ll eat very well indeed in the lagoon city. Here are the best restaurants in Venice (and our favourites too!) to try on your next visit.

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