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Foreigners killed, abducted or missing after Hamas attack

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Scores of foreigners were killed, wounded or taken hostage after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

The worst attack in Israel’s 75-year history killed more than 1,400 people, mostly civilians, inside the country, according to Israeli officials.

Israel has responded with bombardment that has killed at least 3,785 people in the Gaza Strip, mostly civilians, according to the Hamas-controlled health ministry in the territory.

According to an AFP count, around 200 foreigners have been confirmed dead by their national authorities, many of them also holding Israeli nationality.

Some 203 people have been confirmed as having been abducted, Israel said Thursday.

Here is what we know:

– United States: 31 dead, 13 missing, others abducted –

At least 31 US citizens have been killed since the Hamas attack last week, the White House said late Tuesday. Another 13 American nationals are unaccounted for. President Joe Biden said Tuesday that Americans were also among those detained by Hamas.

– Thailand: 30 dead, 17 hostages –

Thirty Thais have been killed, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said Wednesday. Another 17 are thought to been abducted. About 30,000 Thais work in Israel, most in the agricultural sector, according to government figures.

– France: 28 dead, seven missing, possibly hostages –
Twenty-eight French nationals have been killed, while seven others remain missing, some of them possibly among the hostages seized by Hamas, the governmen said Thursday.

The hostages include Mia Shem, a Franco-Israeli woman who was in a video released Monday by Hamas. It was the first time the Palestinian Islamist movement has released a video showing a hostage since its attack on Israel.

– Russia: 19 dead, two hostages, seven missing –

Nineteen Russian-Israeli citizens have been confirmed dead, according to the Russian embassy in Israel cited by the state Ria Novosti news agency. Two Russian-Israeli citizens are hostages and seven Russian nationals are missing.

– Ukraine: 18 dead –

Eighteen Ukrainian citizens have been confirmed dead, according to Ukraine’s ambassador in Israel, Yevgen Korniychuk.

– Nepal: 10 dead, one missing –
Ten Nepali citizens were killed in Kibbutz Alumim, the Himalayan republic’s embassy in Tel Aviv said. Four others were hospitalised and contact had been lost with a fifth. The kibbutz was hosting 17 Nepali students at the time of the attack.

– Argentina: Eight dead, 22 missing –
Argentina’s foreign ministry confirmed the death of a 41-year-old man on Thursday, bringing the total dead to eight. Twenty-two others were believed missing.

– UK: At least seven dead, nine missing –
At least seven Britons have been confirmed dead and nine remain missing, according to a death toll released by Downing Street on Wednesday. Among the dead was Yahel Sharabi, a 13-year-old girl killed with her mother Lianne. Her older sister Noiya, 16, and her father Eli are still missing.

– Canada: Six dead, two missing –
Six Canadians have died and two were missing, according to a government update on Tuesday.

– Austria: Four dead, one missing –
Four Israeli-Austrians were killed in the attacks, authorities said. One person remains missing.

– China: Four dead, two missing –
China’s foreign ministry said Monday that four Chinese nationals were killed and two were missing.

– Romania: Four dead, two missing –
Four Romanian-Israeli citizens, including one soldier, have been confirmed dead.

Romania’s foreign ministry said on Thursday that another dual national has been confirmed missing, bringing the total to two.

– Belarus: Three dead, one missing –
The Belarusian embassy in Tel Aviv said three of its citizens had died and another was missing.

– Brazil: Three dead –
The foreign ministry said Friday a Brazilian woman had been killed, bringing the total number of deaths to three.

– Philippines: Three dead, two missing –
The Philippines foreign ministry has said a 49-year-old woman was killed at a music festival that was being held just kilometres from the Gaza border. Previously authorities said a 33-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man had been killed at a kibbutz. Three citizens remained missing.

– Peru: Two dead, five missing –
Two Peruvians were killed and five missing, the authorities said.

– South Africa: Two dead –
The South African government announced that two of its nationals had been killed.

– Australia: One dead –
Foreign Minister Penny Wong said an Australian woman had been killed in the attacks.

– Azerbaijan: One dead –
The foreign ministry has said that one Azerbaijani national had been killed.

– Cambodia: One dead –
Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Manet said one Cambodian student had been killed.

– Chile: One dead, one missing –
A Chilean woman has been killed, say the authorities. A kibbutz resident has been reported missing, according to the foreign ministry.

– Colombia: One dead, one missing –
Bogota announced the death of one Colombian and said another was missing.

– Honduras: One dead –
Honduran authorities confirmed on Friday the death of one of their nationals.

– Ireland: One dead –
A 22-year-old Irish-Israeli woman was killed in the attacks, the Irish government said.

– Italy: One dead, two missing –
A 65-year-old Italian-Israeli man was confirmed dead after DNA tests, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

Two other dual nationals remained missing.

– Portugal: One dead, four missing –
One Portuguese national was killed and four were missing, Foreign Minister Gomes Cravinho said.

– Spain: One dead, one missing –
The foreign ministry said one Spanish citizen had been killed. A Spaniard from the Basque country, married to a Chilean woman, is one of the hostages being held in Gaza, according to Madrid.

– Switzerland: One dead –
An Israeli-Swiss national was killed in the October 7 attack.

– Turkey: One dead, one missing –
Ankara confirmed Friday that a Turkish-Israeli citizen, who had moved to Israel with his family in 1972, had been killed. Another was missing.

– Germany: Several dead –
The German foreign ministry said Wednesday that a number of Germans were among those killed, without giving a precise death toll. “Unfortunately, we have to assume that a single-digit number of German casualties have fallen victim to Hamas terror,” a foreign ministry spokesman said, indicating that the number was fewer than 10.

The ministry spoke of “eight known cases” of hostages being held by Hamas, one of which may involve several people. “A small double-digit number” of hostages with German nationality are involved, the spokesman said.

– Mexico: Two hostages –
Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena wrote on social media that two Mexicans, a man and a woman, had been taken hostage.

– Netherlands: One hostage –
An 18-year-old was taken hostage in the Beeri kibbutz, where he was visiting his girlfriend, according to the Israeli embassy in the Netherlands.

– Paraguay: Two missing –
Two Paraguayan nationals who had been living in Israel are missing, the government said.

– Sri Lanka: Two missing –
Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Israel said Tuesday that two nationals, a 48-year-old man and a 49-year-old woman, were missing.

– Tanzania: Two missing –
Tanzania’s ambassador to Israel told AFP two Tanzanian nationals were missing.

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