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250 more Thais are due back from Israel Tuesday evening

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A group of 250 Thai evacuees is scheduled to arrive in Bangkok from Israel at about 7pm tonight (Tuesday), followed by another group of 280 on a Thai Airways International flight, scheduled to arrive at about 3.30am tomorrow morning.

The fifth group of 244 Thais, including 33 students, were flown into Suvarnabhumi international airport Monday night from Israel, on a chartered flight, to the welcome of their loved ones and friends.

One of the returning workers said, although he worked in central Israel, which is comparatively safe, he decided to return to Thailand because he is unsure of the situation there. He also vowed not to return to Israel to work again.

A lecturer at Princess of Naradhiwas University in Narathiwat province said that the university will assess the situation in Israel before deciding whether to send the 30 returning students back to Israel for training.

Another option, he said, is to find an alternative training facility in Thailand.

The other three students are from Rajabhat Sakhon Nakhon University.

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