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20-baht train fares for Purple and Red lines effective today (Monday)

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Starting today, fares on the Purple Line, between Taopoon and Khlong Bang Phai, and the Red Line suburban train, between Bang Sue and Rangsit and Bang Sue and Taling Chan, will be 20 baht for the entire route, after the cabinet approved the train fare cut today with immediate effect.

Transport Minister Suriya Juangroongruangkit and officials of the Department of Rail Transport went to Bang Sue train terminal this morning to check the train service and to officiate over the introduction of the new train fare.

The Purple Line is 23km long and has 16 stations. The Red Line is divided into two sections. Bang Sue-Taling Chan is 26km and has 10 stations, while the Bang Sue-Rangsit section is 15km with 4 stations.

Suriya said that the maximum fare on the Purple and Red lines is now 20 baht, as he predicted that the number of commuters using the services will increase to about 100,000 per day (70,000 for the Purple Line and 30,000 for the Red Line) from the current rate of about 82,000.

Since the two lines have not yet been connected, he said that passengers who want to switch from one line to another will have to pay train the separate fares until November 1st, when the connection is expected to be ready.

He claimed the fare cut is a “New Year’s gift” from the government to commuters in Bangkok and its suburbs, to help ease the financial burden of travel.

Regarding other train routes, Suriya said the Transport Ministry has been negotiating with the train operators to cut their fares to a maximum of 20 baht adding, however, that he expects the fare cut to be enforced within two years.

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