The best hotels in Iceland

The best hotels in Iceland
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One of Iceland’s greatest draws is the isolation you can find, the feeling of being alone in the middle of an incredible landscape, intimidated, insignificant. The soul-stirring nature so often leaves us shaking in our hiking boots, in awe at the overwhelming beauty of it all. It’s the reason why Iceland is now one of the most popular destinations in the world; it makes us feel things we don’t often get to feel.

The best hotels in Iceland embrace that quality, elegant backdrops that let the location do all the talking. Hotel Búðir is one such place, marooned on a remote beach on the southern shores of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Originally a Danish trading outpost, on all sides the arresting Icelandic landscapes capture your gaze, from the views across the bay to the moody glacier at the centre of Snæfellsnes National Park. A dreamy place, the interiors match the mood of the outside perfectly, nothing overdone, everything cosy, soothing, and sophisticated. The vintage-style furnishings add a timeless appeal to the entire property, while the restaurant is famous with Icelanders around the country.

Kvosin Downtown Hotel

Located inside a historic building in the middle of downtown Reykjavik, Kvosin Hotel is a charismatic boutique property with fantastic apartment suites. It’s a hotel that hits all the boxes for an extended stay in Reykjavik: a blend of urban and Nordic style, helpful staff, and a fantastic central location. The typical Icelandic building is over 100 years old, a grand old place in keeping with its note-worthy neighbours such as the Icelandic Parliament, City Hall, and the old cathedral.

Inside, Kvosin is another story altogether, taking inspiration from a more modern-day Reykjavik. The renovated interiors are updated and modish, providing a comfortable home base from which to explore the capital. Ducking outside the hotel, within minutes you can be sipping on a local craft beer, catching a live gig, or enjoying a leisurely stroll around the city’s central pond, Tjörnin. Stumbling home after experiencing Reykjavik’s feisty nightlife, you’ll find the rooms welcoming and fashionable, with swanky leather chairs, sleek kitchenettes, and handsome desks for journaling.

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