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79% of Thais want digital wallet money to spend – NIDA Poll

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About 79% of respondents to a National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) poll say that they will accept the 10,000 baht one-time subsidy from the government under the “digital wallet” scheme and will use it to buy goods and services, while 60% believe that the popularity of the ruling Pheu Thai party will suffer if the scheme is scrapped.

The poll also shows that 13.51% of the respondents say they will not accept the money and 5.42% say they will accept it, but will not spend it.

25.27% say they are very concerned and 30.92% of the respondents are somewhat concerned that the scheme will drive up the prices of goods and inflation and will not stimulated the economy, as predicted by a group of 99 academics, including several former economics deans of universities and two former central bank governors. 28.47% say they are not concerned at all.

60% of the respondents say they believe the popularity of the Pheu Thai party will be affected should the scheme be scrapped, while 29.92% believe otherwise. 6.40% believe the party’s popularity will increase.

47.10% say the scheme should proceed, but it must be adjusted to suit the circumstances. 32.52% say the scheme should go ahead as it is and 18.85% say the scheme should be scrapped.

The outcome of the poll is based on simple random sampling of 1,310 people of aged over 18, with various occupations, incomes and educational levels, by telephone interviews, which have 97% reliability rate, according to the pollster.

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