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Polarization today worse than in the past

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“The October-14 Uprising ignited the Thai public’s desire for change as advocated by young people. And since then, it has become a fight between different groups of people wanting changes.   But one lesson we have learned from history is that it has caused pain to people in the society. It’s easy to call for unity, to bridge the differences. But if the ways and means to do that is not just and not fair to the people, it would only worsen the polarization. This is the danger we are facing.

What we are facing today is worse than the conflicts we had in the past.  How it has been managed is simply unjust. It’s full with tricks and booby-traps along the way.  The kind of political polarization we have may lead to conflicts that cannot be resolved. The Thai society is living in an absolutely abnormal state of things.

The guiding principle is being self-sufficient. That should be the way to happiness for everyone.”


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