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School management told to explain slapping incident

School management told to explain slapping incident
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Move Forward party-list MP Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn has called on the management of an unnamed but well-known school in Bangkok’s Ramkhamhaeng area to explain an incident, widely reported and shared on social media, in which a boy is slapped on his face by a female teacher, reportedly for refusing to call her “Mom”.

The outspoken MP told the media that he wants to know if the teacher shown in the clip is really a teacher at the school, adding that, if she is, she does not deserve to teach anymore.

Judging from the video clip, Wiroj said that the slap was not unintentional, but a sudden outburst of anger, despite the fact that the victim made a “wai” gesture and apologised for declining to call her “Mom”.

According to social media, the boy explained that he did not call the teacher “Mom” because he has only one biological mother.

Describing the slap as a physical assault, the Move Forward MP is demanding that the director of the school provide an explanation about the incident and properly compensate the victim.

Since the incident went viral, the school’s management has remained tight-lipped.

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