What it’s really like to spend a week at an all-female intimacy retreat

What it’s really like to spend a week at an all-female intimacy retreat
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In one workshop, I sit in front of a young, beautiful stewardess who is on a break from working aboard a tech billionaire’s yacht, and I cry about my mother, without going into specifics. After these unexpected personal responses, I walk along the shoreline and salt flats and think about solace and sanctuary. I know that the retreat’s activities are a well-trodden strategy designed to manipulate such results out of me but, damn it, they’re working.

Mayan temazcal ceremonyBritney Gill

I feel nourished by the clean, detoxing and delicious food by Aliwalú, the renowned chef-educator behind the Ibiza-based Vital Kitchen. But the most nourishing thing is the shared laughter that comes from talking freely to women. The retreat is a peaceful pause in the hecticness of my life, and I realise I haven’t rested properly since becoming a mother 15 years ago. I stop analysing the details of my life on a neurotic loop. Instead, I gaze at the clouds above the Balearic Sea and listen to the southern Migjorn wind, which whips up around noon. I feel lighter and can breathe, sleeping deeper and feeling more in tune with myself than I have done in a very long time.

In a guided 5Rhythms dance sequence with Ibiza-based Italian dancer Marie Sol, I finally fully surrender. During some of the dances, breasts are laid bare (not mine; I am too repressed) and inhibitions are lost. The circle of women beneath the canopy breaks open. Everyone smiles and hugs. No judgement, no expectations – just something that we do.

4 new intimacy retreats to try yourself

Bibi Brzozka

A leading light in the realm of sensuality, Bibi Brzozka focuses on “reclaiming” the body, accessing pleasure and reigniting personal power. She works with Miriam Adler on La Luna retreats, and her online courses and private sessions are much sought after, often including live “pleasure practices”.

Sophie Benge

Sophie Benge describes herself as a feminine energy guide, with a mission to embrace sensuality, explore meditation in touch and work with energy flows. Her practices blend ancient systems of medicine with neuroscience and personal experience via short courses, massage, workshops and retreats.

Elina Pavlidis

Born in Paris to a Greek architect and French dancer, Elina Pavlidis draws on numerous spiritual and physical lineages for her one-on-one coaching, workshops and retreats. After a decade of studying yoga and working as a consultant, she dedicated herself to mastering a range of practices such as Tantra, sound therapy and holographic healing, and now coaches in developing “feminine magnetic powers”.;

Kalindi Jordan

“Energy engineer” Kalindi Jordan has forged a niche offering sexual healing, sacred intimacy and conscious relationship guiding for single people and couples. She runs workshops and events at a range of festivals, as well as offering online individual coaching. Her programmes emphasise healing from sexual trauma and reconnection with the self.


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