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New Move Forward leader outlines strategies for more change in Thai society

New Move Forward leader outlines strategies for more change in Thai society
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The Move Forward party will press for more change in Thai society, expand its political base across the country and transform the party into a political institution of the people, newly-elected party leader Chaithawat Tulathon told supporters at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s youth centre (formerly Thai-Japanese youth centre) in Din Daeng on Sunday.

Speaking at a political event entitled “Next Step, Move Forward Throughout the Land”, Chaithawat said that, although the Move Forward party has a new leader, Pita Limjaroenrat remains the party’s prime ministerial candidate.

He said that many party members are disappointed while others have lost hope, because the party could not form a government, even though it won the most seats in parliament.

Today, we leave our tears and sadness behind. No more regret,” said Chaithawat, as he urged party members to work with the party to bring about more change.

He outlined the party’s four strategies, one of which is to expand its political base to include the whole country. “We will maintain our old turf and to create new ones,” he said, as he urged party members to try harder to win elections in constituencies currently controlled by the other parties.

Another strategy is to turn the Move Forward party into a people’s political institute and the third is to perform its duty as the opposition the best it can, to vigorously check the performance of the government in a straightforward manner “without fear and with substance.”

The final strategy, said the party leader, is to push for the writing of a new Constitution by a people’s assembly, as he called for a referendum so the people can decide whether they want a new charter.


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