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PM claims foreign corporations now more at ease about investing in Thailand

PM claims foreign corporations now more at ease about investing in Thailand
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Foreign multi-national companies are now less worried about investing in Thailand, except for some legal issues which need to be addressed to facilitate investment, claimed Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin upon his return from his four-day visit to the United States, to attend the United Nations General Assembly.

He told a news conference today (Sunday) that one of his duties during the visit was to inform world business leaders that Thailand is open and ready to welcome all foreign investors, as he talked about his meetings with executives of Microsoft, Tesla, Google and JP Morgan, during which he asked them to consider investing in Thailand.

For instance, he said, he asked Microsoft to invest in developing a regional data centre in Thailand, a project which requires at least US$5 billion in investment, and Tesla to invest in building an electric vehicle assembly plant in the country.

During his meeting with the management of the New York stock exchange, the prime minister said he told them of his wish for a Thai corporation to be listed on the New York stock market in the future.

Srettha said he had told the UN general assembly of Thailand’s adherence to democracy, with the King as the head of the state, the principles of human rights and support of sustainable economic development.

He also informed the assembly of his government’s plan to upgrade the 30-baht universal healthcare scheme to a “30-baht plus” program, to ensure access to better health care.

He also said that, during his forthcoming attendance at the APEC Summit, he will meet with representatives of mid-sized foreign companies to try to convince them to invest in Thailand.


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