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Child murder suspect leads police to four burial sites in Bangkok

Child murder suspect leads police to four burial sites in Bangkok
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Police investigators and forensic officers escorted a murder suspect, his current spouse and former spouse, to four locations in Bang Sue and Sai Mai areas today (Wednesday), where four children, missing since 2013, are believed to have been buried.

The 46-year old murder suspect, Songsak, allegedly told investigators that he killed four children of one of his previous spouses, Jesada, after he allegedly confessed to killing his own 2-year-old daughter, born to his current spouse, Sunan.

Both Songsak and Sunan led police to her house in Kamphaeng Phet to exhume the body of their 2-year-old, who was buried under the kitchen on May 21.

According to police, Songsak had ten children, aged six months to 22 years old, born to his three former partners and the current spouse. One of them, Jesada, had five children, but four of them were allegedly killed by Songsak and their bodies were disposed of in the Sai Mai and Bang Khen areas. The fifth child, a 12-year-old girl, is currently housed at a state welfare shelter.

Jesada reportedly told the police that she has known Songsak since 2010 and had two children with him, adding that she broke up with him about two years ago after finding out that he was being unfaithful. She declined to talk about her four dead children when asked by the media.

The suspect claims that he has psychiatric problems and has been on medication for years.

Pol Maj-Gen Atthaphol Anusith, commander of the 2nd subdivision of Metropolitan Police Bureau, attributed information about Songsak and his current partner, Suna, to Kan Chom Palang, a Good Samaritan, who told the police that two of the children were being violently abused by Songsak on September 10th.

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