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UNICEF appoints Nualphan Lamsam as Thailand’s National Ambassador

UNICEF appoints Nualphan Lamsam as Thailand’s National Ambassador
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UNICEF has named Nualphan Lamsam, affectionately known as Madam Pang, as the new National Ambassador for Thailand. In her new role, Madam Pang will serve as a beacon of hope for the children of Thailand, leveraging her influence to shed light on the myriad challenges they face while rallying support to enhance the lives of the most marginalized and excluded youth, both within Thailand and across the globe.

Nualphan was quick to express her dedication to this new significant responsibility, saying: “It is my profound honour to be designated UNICEF Thailand’s National Ambassador. I wish to convey my sincere appreciation for the trust vested in me to carry out my duties under this esteemed title, working tirelessly to enhance the well-being of every child in Thailand.

“Children are the very bedrock of our nation’s future. Their wholesome growth and development demand the same tender care and nurturing as we afford to flourishing trees, which thrive only when planted in fertile soil and tended to by those around them. With unwavering commitment, faith, and zeal, I pledge my utmost effort, expertise, and experience to foster a safe and joyous environment where every child can flourish.”

Kyungsun Kim, UNICEF Representative for Thailand, extended congratulations to Madam Pang:  “We are truly thrilled to welcome Madam Pang as our new UNICEF Thailand National Ambassador. Her multifaceted achievements, substantial influence, and extraordinary qualities will undoubtedly empower UNICEF to amplify the voices of children and youth, elevate awareness of their needs, and garner support from diverse sectors to create a lasting impact on the lives of children and families, both in Thailand and across the world.”

As the UNICEF Thailand National Ambassador, Madam Pang will channel her efforts towards advancing early childhood development, promoting sports for development, enhancing child protection online and offline, advocating for social protection policies for the vulnerable, and championing other causes that contribute to upholding children’s rights and enhancing their overall well-being.

Madam Pang follows in the footsteps of former prime minister Anand Panyarachun, who has served as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Thailand since 1996. In May 2023, Madam Pang joined UNICEF Thailand as an Advocate for Children and embarked on a mission to visit migrant and stateless children in Chiang Mai Province, highlighting the fundamental right to quality education for every child, regardless of their nationality.

“My active participation in a field visit with UNICEF has further solidified my unwavering belief that every child, regardless of nationality, deserves access to quality education. Education is a vital pillar in shaping the development of our nation’s most precious resource: children, who hold the potential to become qualified global citizens of the future.

I am deeply impressed by UNICEF’s efforts to champion and support the right to quality education for every child in Thailand, including migrant and stateless children. I stand ready to be a tireless advocate for the right to quality education for every child, regardless of their nationality, in Thailand,” she said.

Madam Pang is a prominent businesswoman from one of Thailand’s wealthiest families. She has made a mark as an influential social figure with a fervent commitment to sports for development and social work. She has spearheaded numerous projects, such as supporting Academy Port FC to compete at the national level to deter drug use among children and youth in the Khlong Toei community and neighboring areas. Her leadership injected new life into the team. Under her guidance since 2015, the Port Lions swiftly ascended from League 2 to the pinnacle of League 1 within a mere two years.

She also initiated the Madam Cup 2022 Competition in the three southern border provinces, expanding the project to six regions across the country this year to recognize, inspire, and showcase the talents of young individuals. Her dedication has led to the establishment of the Madam Pang Foundation, with a mission to advance the education and overall quality of life for children in rural areas.

Nualphan currently holds pivotal roles as the president and CEO of Muang Thai Insurance, chairwoman of Port Football Club, and manager of the Thailand national football teams.

She recently made headlines in the sporting world by announcing her decision to run in the presidential race of the Football Association of Thailand. She revealed that she had the support of Newin Chidchob, manager of Buri Ram United FC, and Pavin Bhirombhakdi, manager of Bangkok Glass Pathum FC.

“This is not an easy decision, considering various factors, including concerns for my health and the responsibilities of managing my own business. However, amid the current challenges facing Thai football, someone needs to step up to address these issues and contribute their time and resources to the best of their abilities,” she told the media.

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