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Over 140 youths found in raid on Phayao karaoke bar

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About 40 officials from the Provincial Administration Department (PAD) raided a karaoke bar in Mueang district of Thailand’s northern province of Phayao on Saturday night and found more than 140 underage youths on the premises.

Meanwhile, another group of PAD officials raided a motel, also in the Mueang district, and rescued two girls, one aged about 14, who were being forced into prostitution by the owner of the karaoke bar.

The raids on the two venues were the result of a complaint lodged with the PAD by the Emmanuel Foundation, claiming that the owner of the karaoke bar was forcing girls working at the bar to have sex with customers and keeping part of the money paid to the girls.

After the raids, the provincial administration has been asked to close the bar for five years and revoke its operating license.

The owner faces multiple charges, including allowing underage people to work in the premises, operating the bar beyond licensed hours, selling liquor to minors and advertising alcoholic drinks illegally.

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