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Harry and Meghan looked loved-up in casual pre-birthday meal

Harry and Meghan looked loved-up in casual pre-birthday meal
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looked very much in love as they dined in a German restaurant to celebrate the Prince turning 39 tomorrow.

The Sussexes posed for a picture with the several people inside the restaurant in Dusseldorf.

The couple are in Germany for the Invictus Games, an athletic competition for injured servicemen and women.

The scene for their dining experience was the Schumach Beer factory and the ginger-haired royal was reported to have enjoyed 6 small beers before generously tipping staff.

Not to be outdone, Meghan also guzzled a lager, albeit only one.

Thea Ungermann and head waiter Frank Wackers shared the pictures they posed for with the royal couple with the MailOnline.

The pair tucked into bratwurst sausage Wiener Schnitzel, red cabbage and mashed potato.

Thea told the publication: “He was a lovely man and was having a very jolly time. Meghan was lovely.”

While Frank added: “They were very happy. He is a lovely man, and they were so nice.”

Meghan was dressed in a chic number – a striped red and white shirt with white trousers. Meanwhile, Harry was dressed more conservatively, in a grey shirt and jeans.

The Prince was presented with a white birthday cake by the restaurant, famous for its traditional German cuisine.

According to the MailOnline, a source close to the Princes said: “They drank local beer and ate family style dishes to experience a true German meal. Everyone was incredibly friendly, especially the waiters pictured in the photograph online.

“They did not dine in a private space and were in joyful spirits, toasting and laughing with the team.

“After dinner the group headed back to the hotel to sing happy birthday and eat cake just shy of midnight!”

The royal duo are in Germany for the Invictus Games.

The Games are Harry’s brainchild and kicked off on September 9 and will run until September 16.

It’s the first time the Games, which is in its sixth edition, is taking place in Germany.

The next Games will take place in Vancouver in February 2025. In another first for the competition, the next Games will be the first winter edition.


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