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Chuan explains why he voted against Srettha for PM

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Former prime minister Chuan Leekpai said that he did not endorse premiers PM Srettha Thavisin’s premiership because he comes from a party which discriminated against southern people.

Speaking in parliament during the debate on the government’s police statement on Tuesday, Chuan explained that, as a long-time southern MP, he shared the grievance of the southern people when the Thai Rak Thai party, a predecessor of the Palang Prachachon and Pheu Thai parties, adopted a selective policy by which it would only develop provinces whose people voted for them.

Because of this biased policy of the now defunct Thai Rak Thai party, Chuan said that they did not win a single seat in the southern region as the people there boycotted them.

Chuan, former leader of the Democrat party, said that endorsing Srettha’s prime ministerial candidacy over a month ago would have been a betrayal of the trust of southern people and, hence, the Democrat party adopted a resolution to abstain, but he sought permission from the party to vote against the candidacy.

Chuan admitted that he does not know Srettha personally and they only became acquainted when he paid a brief visit to his office in parliament.

The former prime minister said that Srettha’s qualifications are no less than previous prime ministers adding, however, that it is too early to judge his honesty and integrity.

Chuan said, however, that he is sceptical when businessmen play politics, because he had that experience before.

While noting that businessmen entering politics is fine, as long as they do not turn politics into business for their vested interests, Chuan disclosed that he had about ten political friends who were sentenced to various prison terms, because they turned politics into business, as he advised Srettha not to make the same mistake.

Responding to Chuan’s address, the prime minister thanked him for the advice, adding that, even though he was a businessman before, as the prime minister, he will dedicate himself for the good of the people.

He said his government will try its best to restore peace and order in the restive southern provinces and will treat all Thai people, where ever they are, equally and with fairness.

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