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Poll respondents favour farmer debt moratoria and ฿20 train fare in Bangkok

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A 3-year debt moratorium for farmers and a flat rate 20-baht electric train fare in Bangkok and its suburbs are the two most favoured policies of the Pheu Thai party among respondents to a recent opinion poll, conducted by the National Institute for Development Administration (NIDA).

NIDA gauged the opinions, pertaining to the election policies of Pheu Thai party, of 1,310 people with various occupations, incomes and educational backgrounds between August 30th and September 1st.

The poll shows that 90% of the respondents want the electric train fare to be pegged at 20-baht for the entire route; 87.25% want a debt moratorium for farmers for three years; 86.18% want the minimum earning for each household to be 20,000 baht per month; 83.36% want the 10,000-baht “digital wallet” scheme; 80.08% want a 25,000 baht minimum salary for BA graduates before the end of 2027; 78.09% want a 600-baht minimum wage; 70% want a new Constitution to be drafted by the people; 78.17% want each of Bangkok’s 50 districts to have a hospital and 51% want elections of provincial governors to be tried in certain provinces.

The respondents were also asked which of the policies they think can be successfully implemented. The poll shows:

• 68.32% believe that the debt moratorium for farmers can be implemented, against 18.63% who doubt the policy.
• 62% believe that the “digital wallet” scheme can be achieved, while 29.01% are doubtful.
• 48.09% believe that the 20-baht train fare can be achieved, against 30.15% who believe otherwise.
• 31% believe that the 20,000-baht minimum income for each household can be achieved.
• 37.18% believe that the 600-baht minimum wage can be achieved within 2027, while 41.98% doubt the policy can be delivered.
• 41.14% doubt that the 25,000 baht salary for BA graduates can be achieved, while 36.64% believe it can.

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