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The words “Pang Cha” can be used by anybody

The words “Pang Cha” can be used by anybody
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The Intellectual Property Department has clarified that anyone can use the wording “Pang Cha”, either in Thai or English, because it is a common name. The “Pang Cha” logo and the Thai dessert container design registered with the department by Lukkaithong restaurant are, however, protected. 

The department’s director-general, Vuttikrai Leewiraphan, said yesterday (Thursday) that the restaurant in Bangkok has registered its logo, which features the image of a chick that looks like “g” and the wording “Pang Cha”, as a trademark and a patent for the design of the plate that contains the dessert.

He said that other businesses cannot use the same logo, but can use the wording “Pang Cha”, adding that, if they have any problem or have received a notification from the owner of the trademark, they can call the department’s advisory centre for advice.

Meanwhile, the owner of the trademark and patent, Lukkaithong, has contacted two restaurants, one in Chiang Rai and the other in Songkhla, offering an apology for demanding 102 million baht and 700,000 baht compensation respectively, accusing both of infringement of its trademark.

Owner of the restaurant in Songkhla said that she opened the shop selling Thai tea and fresh milk about two months ago and was shocked when she received a notice demanding compensation for the use of the “Pang Cha” logo.

She said she immediately removed the logo.

Meanwhile, the owner of the “Pang Cha” bakery in Chiang Mai reports a surge in customers since the trademark controversy went viral on social media.


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