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The mass return to Bangkok begins

Written by Thailand News

Bangkok’s light traffic and quiet roads over the last couple of days will begin to return to the normal congestion today (Monday), as New Year revellers return in droves, making it slow going on several highways.

According to the state-run Transport Company, between 50,000 and 60,000 passengers are expected to arrive at its main bus terminals in Bangkok today, with many having started their journeys last night.

Traffic congestion on the Asian highway, from Ayutthaya to Bangkok, was reported to extend up to ten kilometres this morning. All lanes were clogged with cars and buses, as they inched their way towards the Bang Pa-in elevated section, connecting with Phahonyothin Road and the motorway.

Other cars headed for Highway 9 Bang Pa-in-Bang Bua Thong towards Bangkok.

Today is still a holiday and many travellers have chosen to return to Bangkok today to rest before resuming work tomorrow. Some, though, began their journeys back to the capital this morning, which means that traffic on the main highways is expected to be congested this evening and into the night.

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